Laura J.

"I was suffering from a stiff neck and radiating pain down my left shoulder and arm. one visit with Alea and I feel amazing.
Alea doesn't just massage ,she fixes what's making you feel pain.

 Understand that any remarks or actions of a sexual or inappropriate personal nature at any time will result in immediate termination of massage treatment and full payment is due immediately for time that was held and no future session will be allowed.

Mark C.

"Absolutely the best therapist I have seen. I have movement without pain in my shoulders thanks to her knowledge and talent."

A 5 Star Reputation


Taylor Massage Therapy

Amanda M.

"Best therapist I've ever seen (and I've seen many). Alea uses varried techniques for each client. She was able to find the root cause of a 20+ year old whiplash injury and make real progress with neck issues. If she cannot find a technique that works for you she will research your issue until she can."

 Private practice by appointment only.


Sherry M.

"I went to Alea for the first time just the other day. WOW , JUST WOW ! I felt at ease & peaceful when I was getting out of the car . The environment outside is calming . Then, I was welcomed with open arms. As I stepped into her house and then her perfect massage room I realized how perfect she had this all set up . First of all she is such a kind lady that truly cares about you and your problems that have caused you to need ( not just want ) a massage . Alea explained what was causing each area to flare up and what she's doing to make it better . Ok , now the massage begins & I immediately knew that she knew exactly what she was doing & what I needed! The massage was perfect, professional and totally healing ! That night I slept better than I had in MANY years ! I WILL go back to her ! I want everybody to know that Alea is highly recommend !

Pam K.

"Alea is the REAL DEAL. I have had low back issues for years and she can “fix” me every visit. I couldn’t do life without her help."

Sherry C.

"Thanks to massage by Alea Taylor my knee pain is gone!  She is amazing!"

Allison K.    

"I can honestly say for the first time in a long time I woke up with no pain in my back today, and that's all because of the massage/therapy I got here yesterday.
Thank you for a great first experience; the atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxing, your friendly demeanor was refreshing, and I appreciate how accommodating you were ( esp. due to how particular my needs are).
Not only does Taylor Massage Therapy deliver ease from pain, they ensure you leave there feeling better than you did when you arrived and I absolutely will return for services here again.
I highly recommend Taylor Massage Therapy!"