Somerset, KY, 42503


  • Do you accept insurance?  I do not accept insurance at this time however I keep SOAP notes on each session if your insurance requires a copy  for reimburses of a massage or crainosacral therapy session.  To receive a copy of your SOAP notes for insurance or health care needs you would need to fill out Records Release form.  
  • Do you accept credit cards?  Yes, ( VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover)
  • I have scheduled an appointment and I am unable to make it.  Is there a cancellation fee?  If you give a 24 hour notice there is no fee.  If cancellation must occur the day of the scheduled appointment  a cancellation or re-booking fee will be charged up to 100% cost of missed session.
  • If I am late will I still get my full session time?   Due to the schedule I may be unable to extend your session beyond your original appointment time.  If you are unable to make it on time I ask that you pleases call 1-859-684-5074 to hold the remainder of your time or to reschedule.  Note: You may be subject to a cancellation or re-booking fee.  ​
  • What should I expect from my first session?  When you arrive for your session you will be asked to fill out an intake form that will ask you about your health history. There will be an one on one interview with you and the therapist for a evaluation of your health history, needs and wants from the session and give you time if there are any further questions you may have.  Then the therapist will leave the room to give you time to prepare for the session and to get on the table.
  • Do I have to be completely undressed? I want you to be as comfortable as possible during your session.  Depending on the type of session you are booked for clothes may hinder the therapeutic flow of the session.  So I just ask that you undress to your comfort level.  If you have any questions before or during your session please feel free to ask.  I want you to receive the full benefits of your session.
  • Do I have to cover myself with a sheet or towel?   Yes.  In the state of Kentucky, if disrobed the Therapist must provide draping and treatment in a way that ensures the safety, comfort, and privacy of the client.
  • What do I do during a massage session?   This time has been held specifically for you to be safe, relaxed, and to receive the maximum therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.  During the session you can concentrate on your breath and relaxing thoughts.  If you have a stressful thought enter your consciousness acknowledge it and push it away for a later time, allowing yourself to reach a deeper state of relaxation.  You can talk, sleep or just be during your session, it is up to you.
  • How long will a massage session last?   I book sessions here based on the amount of hands on time you wish to receive during a session.  So if you book a 60 minute session expect to be  approximately 1 hour and 10 min.  This allows time for preparation for the session and relaxation and redressing time after the session.  
  • Can you treat medical conditions or injuries?  As a Massage Therapist I can not legally diagnose or treat any condition.  However, as a Massage Therapist I have the experience and training to assist with the healing process for many different injuries and conditions, so that, with your doctors permission, I can work with you to help with your recovery process.
  • Will the massage hurt?  There are many different modalities of massage, most of which deal with manipulation of the soft tissue.  Sometimes certain techniques cause therapeutic discomfort.  If at any time during your massage session you are in any way uncomfortable or unpleased with the pressure or technique please let the therapist know right away so adjustments can be made.  Remember, I want you to receive the best benefits from your session.
  • Can anyone receive massage therapy?  Yes, anyone can receive massage, though there are some conditions and injuries that contraindicate certain modalities of massage.  Some examples of contraindications are severe injury ( bruising, broken bone, surgery), fever, pitting edema, pregnancy (preeclampsia), etc.  If you believe that you have a condition or injury that may contraindicate massage and aren't sure whether or not to receive massage feel free to call me, Alea Taylor LMT, at 1-859-684-5074 or email me at with questions and or concerns.